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Uma Nilakantam is the founder of “Digital Coach Money Tribe’ a personal development & Digital Creators brand, geared to empower people of various walks of life find their inner power and create their own miracles, through teachings of Mindfulness, Law of attraction, Ho’oponopono and Digital Coach Technology. Uma rose herself from failure to success, from depression, panic and anxiety to complete recovery and excellence and holds the principles of mindfulness responsible for her healing and teaches mindfulness as the foundation for all personal and life excellence. Uma is a 41 year old coach, trainer, entrepreneur and a conscious Digital Coach teaching people worldwide to rise above their mental, emotional and financial challenges and become the best version of them. She had 13 Yrs of Industry experience. 

UMA's mission to help People to achieve Growth in Wealth using Auto-Pilot Business. To show people that they are not chained to their lifestyle and can rise above mental, emotional, physical pain and create the best life they deserve in all areas of their lives.

Through Uma’s programs on law of attraction, mindfulness and spiritual practices, she teaches people that they have ultimate control over their minds, emotions and lives, and all the power to shift their reality, lies within them itself. She had 13yrs of Industry Experience. She also give Trainng on Digital Coaching System Auto-pilot Business to the trainers/teachers/experts/consultants ect..

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